Next Advisor, led by Paolo Ragazzi, acted as Exclusive Financial Advisor to the Shareholders of the Ticomm & Promaco Group, a leading European company in the production and distribution of fiberglass gratings, in the sale of the entire share capital to LoGrate Holding AB, NewCo of Bolagsgruppen Lotorp AB, an industrial group based in Stockholm that manages, develops and invests in small and medium-sized enterprises.

“We have been looking for a long time for a Partner who would assist us in supporting and accelerating the growth of Ticomm & Promaco. Our choice fell on Lotorp because it shares our ideals, values experience and entrepreneurial spirit while operating with a long-term vision. Lotorp will be able both to guarantee the completion of the internationalization process and help us pursue the project, already in motion, to further develop the Made in Italy production in the Loreo plants” affirms Giuseppe Tantardini, founder of Ticomm & Promaco. The entrepreneur, who can boast over forty years of experience in the sector, will maintain his roles of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, where he will be joined by Paolo Sacchi, director of LoGrate Holding AB.

The Ticomm & Promaco Group with its brand EUROGRATE® is a European leader in the manufacturing and distribution of moulded and pultruded gratings and profiles for multiple industrial sectors. The Company uses an innovative and patented production technology and stands out in Europe for the quality of products, high standards of service, numerous certifications obtained and compliance with the highest environmental standards, boasting a unique and universally recognized experience and knowledge of the market. In addition to the production sites in Loreo (RO) and Gorgonzola (MI), the international presence of the Group is guaranteed by the foreign subsidiaries in Denmark, France, Germany and Spain.

Bolagsgruppen Lotorp AB is a holding company, managed by three entrepreneurs, which invests, with a long-term perspective, in high-performing SMEs that boast recognized leadership in niche markets, with high profitability potential and established managerial structures. The Group makes complementary knowledge and skills available to its companies for the development of the various businesses and it ensures that all growth opportunities are exploited in the best possible way. The Lotorp Group currently consists of nine companies in diversified industrial sectors and has consolidated revenues of over € 150 million. This is, for Lotorp, the first acquisition in Italy.