Our strength derives from the ability to understand and SHARE the needs of our customers, who Combined with the ‘ Experience of Our Professionals , gives us the possibility of customized solutions for every needs.

Crowe Horwath is an international network that combines Professionals Highly Specialised in different areas of activity, who share the commitment provide High Levels of Service.

We invite you to discover our wide range of services in Audit , Tax , Advisory , Risk Consulting , legal , forensic accounting .

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Our professional expertise and our presence throughout the Country are continuously reinforced and updated.

More than 60 professionals including auditors, accountants, business & financial advisors are now operating in a structure organized by specialty areas and spread on 4 main offices and 2 operating desks.

The excellence in every single professional area and the highest integration of the structure are the main features our Value Proposition.

Satisfying, thanks to a really cost-effective offer and a world-wide coverage, the expectations and needs of our clients operating in various market sectors and geographies, such as:

  • Industrial/Trade/Services:

Manufacturing, Sales, Media and Communication, Logistics and Transportation, Food, Properties, Telecommunications, Multiutility, Tourism, Real Estate, Aerospace & Defense, Fair Institutions, Energy, Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Banking & Finance Entities:

Banks and Financial Institutions (Banks, Investment Firms, Asset Management, Factoring, Leasing, Consumer Credit, Trust and Securitization Company, etc.)

  • Public Agency – Non-Profit Organizations

Municipal Utilities, Government Agencies, NGOs, Voluntary Associations, Foundations