Welcome to the May 2016 issue of Global Corporate Advisor.

In this issue, from the US, we have an article on how to augment value in M&A in the current scenario where there is a huge resurgence in dealmaking activity around the globe. The article draws on research based on market data and interviews with corporate executives addressing recent deals. The results of the interviews are collated into actionable intelligence, which addresses factors such as what the acquiring companies set out to achieve, the processes they used, and whether they deemed the deals successful or unsuccessful in terms of capturing value.

From Hong Kong we have fascinating on-ground insights on conducting development land valuation in Hong Kong. Looking at the prevailing market characteristics, the authors compare the use of direct comparison method and residual valuation methods, their limitations and how to overcome them to reach fair value.

We’re confident that insights from the articles in this issue will add value to the world of global corporate M&A.